Monday, May 16, 2016

He had all of the knowledge but never put it to work

Most people don't know this but Napoleon Hill was really not that great with money.
Throughout his life he had a lot of financial difficulties and even after the launch and success of Think & Grow Rich, he ended up broke.
He actually wound up working as a sales trainer for W. Clement Stone who ironically made his fortune because of Hill's book.
So where did he go wrong?
Well the difference is Hill had a philosophy that he developed through observation, Stone took that philosophy and applied it in areas where it stood a good chance of success.
Hill had all of the knowledge but never put it to work.
Take one thing, focus on that unwaveringly until it works or fails.
Go get what's yours
"My cholesterol's high enough. Don't butter my ass, Danzig. Just get smarter" - Bobby From Billions.